Solatum Intra-articular Joint Injection Sodium Hyaluronate

Solatum Intra-articular Joint Injections are a non-animal sodium salt of hyaluronic acid (HA) manufactured from bacterial synthesis which are available in a choice of two strengths, including a competitively priced single injection. Solatum HA injection is a medical device to help provide pain relief and improved mobility in patients with osteoarthritis or joint trauma. It may be useful for patients undergoing rehab or awaiting joint replacement. The effectiveness of HA is due to the many methods of actions it deploys, including lubrication, anti-inflammatory and chondroprotective effects1.

Extend your options for HA injection therapy

Solatum Intra-articular Joint Injections have been developed to provide a choice of strengths allowing the clinician to tailor dose to individual patient need.

Value for money, high strength, single injection

This includes a competitively priced high-strength single injection providing a 60mg/3.0ml dose of HA (20mg/ml). The potential practical and economic advantages of a high strength injection include reduced visits to the clinic and lower risk of side effects. Solatumfarma is offering the 60mg/3.0ml sodium hyaluronate injection at a very competitive price to enable clinicians to provide a high strength option for suitable patients.

Competitively priced 60mg strength offers practical and economic advantages

High quality, high performance

Solatum Intra-articular Injections are manufactured to the highest standards of GMP in facilities approved by the MHRA, EMA and FDA. Our sodium hyaluronate is a purified non-animal sodium salt of hyaluronic acid from bacterial synthesis.
The Sodium Hyaluronate is formulated for optimum performance compared with normal synovial fluid within a joint. This includes molecular weight, viscosity and elasticity as demonstrated below:
synovial fluid1
Solatum 2.5ml x
Solatum 3.0ml x
synoival fluid3
Avg mOL wT (kDa) 6,000 1,200-1,600 1,600- 3,200 1,900
Dynamic Viscoity (Pa) 45 10 200 1.4
Elasticity (Pa) 117 <100 >100 1.9

1. Balazs, et al. 1967

2. Solatum tech data on file 2019

3. Mazzucco, et al. 2002

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